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Great website design matters.

People consume information digitally these days and websites are where they go to be informed.

Couple that with knowing your website makes first impressions for you and you’ll see why having a well-designed website is vital.

Every Alice Designs solution is carefully constructed to emphasize your unique personality and mission so that when you’re not there to introduce yourself personally, your website will have your back.


Your website’s interface is how viewers navigate your site.

As you might imagine, it’s essential to provide an intuitive, positive website experience.

A successful interface anticipates your visitors’ needs and guides them through your information.

It takes savvy to organize a website that functions seamlessly, but it’s worth it, and understanding your viewers is the key.

Knowing your visitors’ preferences and supporting their search efforts engages viewers longer and leaves them with a favorable impression.

Good experiences lead to returning customers.


Having an effective search engine strategy is critical.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is about bringing traffic to your website and let’s face it, having your site visited is what it’s all about.

Developing a strong web presence requires someone with an understanding of the complicated world of search engines, bots, site maps and the rest of it.

But establishing a well structured SEO is only the beginning.

Copywriting is essential to optimizing search engine results. The what, where and how you phrase things generates traffic to your site, speaks to your viewers and calls them to action.


Ongoing website maintenance is necessary and much of it can be done by you.

Before your website goes live, I’ll help you understand its inner workings.

You’ll be empowered.

You’ll know how to manage basic revisions, troubleshoot issues and keep your site current.

I’ll get you started and I’ll be there to support you through the times you find yourself needing a little extra assistance.

If you decide you’d rather have me maintain your site for you (so you can concentrate on other matters) I offer an optional monthly service plan.

great website design matters.